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“I am absolutely delighted with the range of imported products available at such fair prices. Above all it’s one of the few places in Pakistan where customer service is taken seriously. Their bread is good, always lasts and stays fresh for ages. I would definitely not consider going elsewhere for my grocery shopping.”

Greenvalley Regular Customer- Zaineb Khan

"I am offered all the best imported cosmetic brands at Greenvalley where I know they will be of excellent quality. The fact worth mentioning is that they have the most wonderful ingredients and products that no one else seems to stock. If you're looking for something that's difficult to find, this place will have it for sure. Superb service overall”

Greenvalley Satisfied Customer- Sana Rizvi

"Shopping for my toddlers was never this simple. It has an extremely clean and spacious environment making mobility convenient. Very attractive shop layout, the minute I step into Greenvalley I feel as if I’ve stepped out of the country."

Greenvalley Happy Customer- Narmeen Jawed

"There's a reason my grandmother gets her favorite exotic fruits from here, it’s because they are perfectly ripe every time! At Greenvalley you know you’ll always get what you pay for. Great value for money. This place has everything under one roof."

Greenvalley Loyal Customer- Waqqas Jaffar

“I always arrive at Greenvalley with a ridiculously challenging request to find some weird ingredient from an Italian recipe and they always come back with something. They really do go the extra mile to help you out and make your food shopping a little less of a chore.”

Well Pleased Customer- Sidra Malik

“Time flies whenever I’m browsing through their non-food section. Wonderful selection of imported items. Their pizzas are second to none and definitely worth driving an extra mile from home!”

Proud Customer- Salman Ashraf

“Absolutely the gold standard in customer service, food quality, queuing times, and well- stocked shelves– every aspect is better than the competition. Hands down winner over other supermarkets!”

Greenvalley Contented Customer- Sehrish Nisar